If you’re looking for a great, reasonably priced comforter set, this product definitely deserves a glance. I received this comforter set for Christmas and am very pleased with it. I was looking for a comforter that could go well in a college apartment bedroom, and this one really stood out to me. I bought the Full/Queen size set for my full size bed and it was a great fit. The comforter has a fun pattern, yet it has simple, sophisticated colors that still make me feel like an adult. However, this comforter is still very appealing to young girls, as my 12 years old sister was jealous of my Christmas present and wanted the exact one for her room.

I have found the comforter itself is manufactured very well. I have ordered other material items on Amazon before, and sometimes the material is not what it looks like in the picture. This comforter, however, came looking exactly like the picture. All the items in the set are very smooth and soft, which makes me never want to leave my bed to go to class in the mornings. The comforter was the exact color as the pictures, so there was no surprise when I opened the package. This product also has proved to be very durable, as I have washed it twice in my washer since Christmas because of a little un-potty-trained puppy and it is still has yet to fray or rip. The only reason I did not give this comforter set 5 stars is because the comforter was a little thinner than anticipated and does not provide as much warmth as expected. However, living in an apartment in Iowa during the winter months, you usually have to layer on blankets regardless if you own the warmest comforter on the planet. So, I’m assuming this comforter will work great in the summers, but as of now I’m using an extra blanket, which is not a deal-breaker personally. As for the thinness, I’ve noticed it is hard to find a crazy, fluffy comforter that looks exactly like the picture in any store or website. The comforter is not as thin as paper, but don’t expect feet of fluff. Again, personally this would not hinder my decision, but it could to other potential buyers.

I absolutely LOVE this comforter set. The colors are vibrant, the pattern is so pretty. Its a baby blue/teal shade of blue with a nice light gray, exactly like it shows in the picture. I ordered it in a King, and I have king size pillows but for some reason the pillow cases are still bigger than my pillows but I just fold them over and all is well. Perfect for brightening up a room but doing it subtly. Great quality, great price and it arrived Fast and in perfect condition.

Overall, I have been very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to save a quick buck on a quality comforter.

Pros and Cons on Comforter Set:

This set is very attractive, but you aren’t supposed to wash it. I guess I should have read more. But the main reason this isn’t rated better is the amount I sweat when using the comforter. I’m hard to wake up, but whenever I don’t use another blanket and sleep on top of this comforter, I wake up at least three times a night throwing it off and grabbing it back to cover myself. Just beware.

At first i thought it was good for the price, but then we washed it…… it looks horrible now and my daughter doesn’t even like it on her bed. It was made to look ok until you wash it. So now we are having to try and go out and match the throw pillows and spend more money to get her a new one.