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Index of DMI Conference Recordings

The audiotapes listed here are from lectures given at conferences sponsored by the Design Management Institute.

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Subjects for Conference Recordings

CEO's and Design
Computers -- General
Corporate Identity
The Corporation and Design
Design Management
Design Management Abroad
Design Teams
Legal Issues
Package Design

CEO's and Design

Reinventing a Company Through Design: A Corporate Identity and Product Development Case Study

Kim Edwards, President and CEO, Iomega Corporation; Jaimie Alexander, Vice President, Fitch, Inc. & Spencer Murrell, Vice President, Fitch, Inc.

Computers -- General

Computer Holding Power

Sherry Turkle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, MIT

Corporate Identity

Integrating Design Direction, Corporate Culture, Corporate Strategy, and Product Diversity into a Cohesive Whole.

Linda Keefe, Manager, Corporate Identity & Design, 3M Corporation

Corporate Positioning through Marketing Communications

Steve Holler, Creative Director, Communications and Design Center, Raychem Corporation

Corporate Identity: The Management Process

Peter Gorb, Director, Design Management Unit, London Business School

Research Strategies for Planning and Implementing a Successful Corporate Identity Program

John Gilfeather, Executive Vice President, Yankelovich, Clancy & Shulman

One Vision, Many Voices

Jeannette Hanna, Director, Communications Group, Spencer Francey Peters, Canada

Case Study: NationsBank
How Does a Corporation Find It's Voice?

Alan Siegel, Chairman and CEO, Siegel & Gale; Scott Lerman, Senior Vice President, Siegel & Gale; Van Perry, Vice President, Nationsbank

The Psychology of Identity: Or What Jung (rather than Freud) Might Have Said about Corporate Identity to the Design Practitioner

Peter Gorb, Visiting Associate Professor, London Business School

Does "Customer-driven Design" Apply to Corporate Identity? Integrating Marketing Research into the Corporate Identity Process

Darrel Rhea, President, Cheskin+Masten, Inc.

Case Study: Terry's Group
Reflecting Market Strategy in Novelty Chocolates

Anne Howie, Brand Manager, Terry's Group, UK

Key Components of Institutional Identity: A Strategic Framework for CI Analysis

Tony Spaeth, Corporate Identity Consultant

The Corporation and Design

The Changing Need for Design as a Corporate Resource

Raymond Turner, Design Director, London Regional Transport

Total Design Integration: The New Imperative for Success in Global Markets

Gary van Deursen, Vice President Industrial Design, Black & Decker


Crisis & Renewal: Integration in the Creative Community

David Hurst, Management Consultant

Design -- General

Design & Uncertainty

Peter Gorb, Visiting Assoc. Professor, London Business School

Design Management

Designing Design Management

Angela Dumas, Senior Research Fellow, London Business School and Henry Mintzberg, Professor of Management, McGill University, Canada

Design Management Abroad

Design IN Management: Managing Design in the Eurotunnel

Raymond Turner, Managing Director, Wolff Olins, London

Design Teams

Building Winning Teams -- The Client/Consultancy Interface

Jan Hall, Chairman, Coley Porter Bell, London


An Architecture of Information: The Design of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Ralph Appelbaum, President, Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Communication Design Management in the Digital Environment

Jeannette Hanna, Founding Partner, Spencer Francey Peters Inc.

Legal Issues

Who Owns Your Design?

DK Holland, Partner, Lewin/Holland

Package Design

A New Integration in Package Design: Access vs. Impact

William O'Connor, President, SOURCEinc.

This document was last updated November 27, 1996.

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