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About DMI Conference Recordings

The collection of audiotapes listed on this site represent a selection of some of the best lectures from recent Institute conferences. The speakers include some of the most compelling and knowledgeable experts on design management to be found in the world today. The tapes are listed by subject to help you find lectures of special relevance to your own interests.

You should note that the conference lectures have been taped "live." Because they are not studio produced, they may have segments of group discussions and/or question & answer sections that are not fully audible on a cassette tape--we suggest you fast-forward through that section.

If you are interested in knowing which conference and year a given tape was recorded, you can determine this information from the order number.

The International Conference on Design Management
Order numbers starting with either MV or CH, followed by the year of the conference. From 1975 until 1990 this conference was held on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., so the order number MV-85-12 denotes lecture 12 from the Martha's Vineyard conference held in 1985. After 1990 this conference was held in Chatham, Mass. Tapes from these conferences are denoted by the order number CH, so the order number CH95-9 denotes the ninth lecture from the 1995 Chatham conference.

The International Corporate Identity Conference, Montréal, Canada
Order numbers starting with CI, followed by the year of the conference; so the order number CI93-6 denotes the sixth lecture from the Montréal conference held in 1993.

All tapes can be purchased for $10 each.

This document was last updated July 1, 1996.

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