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DMI Has Moved!

View of Offices
The new DMI offices as they appeared at the start of construction.
The Design Management Institute has now moved from its cramped quarters on South Street to a new and considerably larger space at 29 Temple Place, also in Boston. The Institute had resided at its former quarters since 1990, and what had initially been an adequate space had become increasingly cramped and inadequate as DMI hired new staff, and as its collection of books, periodicals, and Design Management Journal back issues grew over the years.

The new office is more than twice the size of the current space, and is located on the second floor of a building just half a block away from the Boston Common. The new space allows the Institute reading room and library to finally have adequate room to accommodate further expansion of the collection. It has ample space for meetings and seminars, unlike the old space, which was hard-pressed to accommodate a meeting of more than six or seven people at one time. The Institute staff is pleased about the move as it means they can finally bid farewell to a cantankerous elevator that was well-known for regularly delivering visitors to the wrong floor.

The new address is 29 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111-1350. The current phone and fax numbers remain unchanged (voice: 617.338.6380; fax: 617.338.6570).

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This document was last updated December 4, 1996.

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