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Design and the National Agenda, Summer 1996

Design Management JournalThe summer 1996 issue of the Design Management Journal (Vol.7, No. 4) has the theme "Design and the National Agenda." Thomas Walton, editor of the Journal, writes in his forward to the issue " seems the age of the high-profile national design organization is on the wane." Instead, Walton writes that this loss is being offset by the growth of emerging models that focus "on design as a process that blends ... more intimately with other management decision-making strategies." He holds out the hope that in the end, design "...should also become a better understood and more valuable national asset."

Reinforcing Walton's thesis is the article "From Icon to Beacon: The British Design Council and the Global Economy" by Angela Dumas. She describes how the British Council has been transformed from a 200-person agency to a 40-person think tank that is focused on moving the notion of design as "icon," or object, to design as a beacon, a pathway for creative action.

Mail Felip-Hösselbach, in "The Barcelona Center for Design: 20 Years of Design Promotion in Spain" tells how the Center, in addition to such typical activities as awards, exhibits, and publications, also sponsors consultancy and business initiative programs that are similar in spirit to what the Design Council is attempting to accomplish.

A domestic perspective is heard in Craig Vogel's article, "From Design Awareness to Design Integration: Influencing Corporate Strategy and Research in the United States." He posits design integration as the next frontier, and highlights not government policy, but research funded by corporations and large design firms and interdisciplinary studies as key elements in moving design over the next threshold.

This is just a small sample of the important writing to be found in this issue of the Journal. To browse the abstracts for each article, visit the Summer 1996 page in the Journal section of this Web site.

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This document was last updated December 4, 1996.

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