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President's Comments

By the time you receive this newsletter the Institute will have crossed two more milestones. First, we will have just held our 21st International Design Management Conference, and second, we will have moved to a new office space about 3 blocks from our current offices in downtown Boston. This is the tenth year that the annual conference has filled up -- we accepted more registrants this year and still have a waiting list. Our new office spaces will be twice the size of our current ones and we will be very happy to have the room to continue expanding.

It seems that these two activities are naturally juxtaposed and represent DMI in many ways. But first, I would like to mention a couple of immediate memories when I think of the annual conference and the new offices. The first annual conference for which I was responsible was held in 1985 and had an excellent roster of speakers set up by the previous director. For some reason, it fell 25% below capacity at a time when the Institute was in very weak financial condition. But like the Phoenix, we rose from the ashes when the following year the annual conference filled up, and we have been on a steady course ever since. So I have many special feelings about the annual conference, and perhaps, sometimes a few anxious moments as well. At that time our offices consisted of two small rooms at Massachusetts College of Art, our founding sponsor. These two rooms were the third space occupied by the DMI, and now we are moving to our sixth. One important feature of the new space will be an expanded library/seminar room.

For over twenty years, our core legacy has been conferences rich in learning opportunities; producing, collecting and disseminating publications; and, expanding our services to you. Over the last two years, we have been pleased to see considerable expansion in the understanding and utilization of design, and in the last few months consultancies have become very busy and corporate staffs are now stretched to the limit. I believe this is just the beginning of a new era for design and design management. Now we need to move quickly to prepare for the new roles and increased responsibilities we will have next year and in the next century. We need your help setting up our new facilities so we can serve you effectively. We need your participation in all of our 1997 plans so that we can collectively push design and design management into the position it deserves to shape our futures.

Earl N. Powell

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This document was last updated December 4, 1996.

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