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DMI Web Site Redesigned and Expanded

New Site Features Navigation Icons, Search Page

The Design Management Institute has celebrated the anniversary of its first year on the World Wide Web with a top-to-bottom overhaul and complete redesign of this Web site. The new look and feel are only the most visible signs of the deep structural changes that extend to every page and every area of the site. The project originally started as a more modest visual upgrade, but eventually expanded in scope to create what is, in effect, an entirely new Web site. The redesign was executed by Minneapolis-based Yamamoto Moss, a strategic corporate and brand identity design firm that has also made a name for itself in New Media and Web site design.

Every area of the site has been reorganized to allow for easier navigation and to accommodate future growth. Pages that formerly contained large amounts of text, which required long download times and extensive scrolling, have been broken up into smaller, more manageable segments better suited for online reading.

How the new site is organized

The new site has been divided into five main areas, each with an icon that is available from every page. This allows the user to move from one area to another without having to return to the home page. Within each section there are also additional buttons below the top banner that allow navigation within the area. Here's an overview of the five areas:

What's New gives a rundown of changes to the site so that frequent visitors can quickly see what has changed since their last visit.

Conferences features the latest information on upcoming DMI conferences. Online registration forms can be used either for registration via the Internet, or for faxing or mailing.

Publications is the largest and most extensively revised section, and includes abstracts and ordering information for every Institute publication. This includes back issues of the Design Management Journal; all articles from the Journal; Institute case studies; conference recordings, and a complete online version of this newsletter. Orders can be either placed through the Internet, or via fax or mail.

Membership Information includes essential information about the Institute membership program, as well as background material on the Institute, and an online membership application form.

Links features links to other Web sites, including a special section devoted to DMI members.

The search page

One of the most important and powerful new features of the site is the publications search page. This will enable visitors to quickly locate publications that are relevant to their specific needs and interests, and enables the site to be used as a powerful research tool.

The search facility is made particularly useful by the addition of the entire DMI publications index, which lists abstracts, authors, keywords, and ordering information for every Institute publication, including every Design Management Journal article. Each publication is a separate Web page, which will facilitate queries from the search page. This was made possible by a system that automated the production of more than 330 Web pages from the index database. The system was jointly developed by John Tobin, DMI Publications Manager, and Kevin Coffel, Director of Technology for Yamamoto Moss.

More to come...

The Institute has plans to continue to expand and improve the DMI Web site. In particular, we hope to add features to the site that will facilitate communication and exchange of information among the Institute's membership. In the meantime, whether you are a member or not, we hope that this site will prove to be useful and important in your business activities.

The Institute would like to thank the team at Yamamoto Moss for their hard work over the last few months:

  • Julie Szamocki, Director of New Media
  • Kevin Coffel, Director of Technology
  • Amy Caron, New Media Production Specialist
  • Greg Pickman, Design Director
  • Elder Carson, Designer.
You can visit the Yamamoto Moss Web site at

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This document was last updated July 10, 1996.

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