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What's In the Design Management Journal?

Consultants and Design Management, Spring 1996

Design Management JournalIt is a given in today's business world that structures and relationships are in a constant state of turbulent change and reassessment. One outcome of this has been the resurgence of the consultant and the independent design firm. Although corporate downsizing has much to do with this, another reason is the increasing recognition that effective design requires a broad spectrum of talent that is difficult to maintain in-house. The spring issue of the Design Management Journal (Volume 7, Number 2) approaches this important topic from a variety of viewpoints, including the perspective of the client as well as the consultant.

A Sampling of the Articles

In the keynote article, Cynthia Ingols uses the phrase "playing like an orchestra" as the metaphor for all that goes into developing productive consultant-client teams. She talks about some of the factors that she believes are essential to any successful partnership, and stresses the benefits of long-term relationships and clear sharing of information. In "On the Art of Consulting," Roz Goldfarb, founder of Roz Goldfarb Associates, Inc., interviews four well-known consultants and brings out some invaluable insights into the world of the design consultant. In "Consultants in Concert," Jean Bouchenoire, former director of identity, branding, and design for Bell Canada, approaches the theme from the corporate perspective as he describes how he "coached" multiple experts -- both in-house and out -- through a complete redefinition of Bell Canada's identity.

The topic of compensation is one that is equally important for both client and consultant, and Richard J. Cellini and William Hull Faust of Fitch Inc., discuss some innovative approaches. They propose new fee arrangements that move beyond the conventional work-for-hire approach, in which consultants share little risk and have limited stake in the outcome of the projects that they undertake, towards new payment models in which the consultant shares both the risks and the rewards along with the client. In "New Directions for Design," Gianfranco Zaccai and Gerard Badler of Design Continuum discuss an interesting new trend in which some design firms are beginning to merge the world of design consulting with the world of management consulting. In Consultants and Clients: Relationships, Branding, and the New Rules of Engagement," William J. O'Connor of Source/Inc. defines five critical new 'rules of engagement' for the changed business environment of today.

Subscription Information

These few samples give just a taste of the important writing that can be found in this and every issue of the Design Management Journal. A subscription to the quarterly Journal is $96 domestic, $126 foreign. Journal subscriptions are also included with DMI membership. An individual copy of the spring issue -- as well as copies of back issues -- can be ordered for $25 (plus shipping) per copy. To subscribe to the Journal or order the spring issue, use the Journal order form. (Spring '96 issue: order #JNLV7N2; subscriptions: order #JNL).

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This document was last updated July 10, 1996.

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