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Design Leadership in a Changed Economic Environment

The 21st International Design Management Conference
October 20 - 24, Chatham, Cape Cod, Mass.

Patrice Cavanaugh Richard Johnson Chris Landry Tom Scott Tom First
A few of the speakers, from left to right: Patrice Kavanaugh, Richard Johnson, Chris Landry, Tom Scott, and Tom First

Most organizations recognize and accept operational change as an evolutionary necessity, but few are able to adequately keep pace with external changes, some of which may threaten their future, particularly those in the global enterprise environment. It is becoming increasingly evident that design leadership has tremendous potential for meeting these changes.

To be effective, design management must simultaneously address core issues of design awareness, design process, and design performance. And, while confronting these organizational issues, design leadership not only needs to know the customer, it must empathize with the customer's current and future expectations. If organizations do not meet these diverse challenges, they cannot expect to thrive in the future.

The speakers will present and discuss their insights, observations, and predictions from a variety of seasoned perspectives. The formal sessions will be augmented by an increased number of structured discussion sessions. These will be moderated by both speakers and selected conference participants, who represent the best and the brightest in the design management community.

A sample of the speakers

Leading off the speaker list are Tom Scott and Tom First, the founders and leaders of Nantucket Nectars, along with Charlie Conn, Managing Director and Vice President of Encompass Communications. They will present a lively and irreverent case study on "how juice guys build a brand." Patrice Kavanaugh, Executive Director at Landor Associates, will discuss the challenge Lucent Technologies faces in changing its name from AT&T Bell Labs. A few of the other speakers include: Richard Johnson, Director of Industrial and Graphic Design for Digital Equipment Corporation; Chris Landry, Principal Industrial Designer at Digital Equipment; Bruce Moorehouse, Manager of Marketing Communications at 3M; and Rob Wallace, Managing Partner at Wallace Church. For current information about the speakers, visit the Conference Sessions page for the 21st Conference.

About the conference

The annual conference will be held at scenic Chatham Bars Inn, located on the waterfront of historic Chatham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Institute reserves the entire inn for the duration of the conference to ensure a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Attendance remains limited to 142 managers in order to maintain the conference's close interaction. The conference has been a sellout for the past decade, so early registration is recommended. We hope that you will reserve a place on your calendar for this premier DMI event!

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This document was last updated July 23, 1996.

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