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Design Management Journal Order Form

Single Issue Orders

Please send me the latest Design Management Journal issue, "Design and the National Agenda."

$25 per copy

Shipping and Handling
For individual issue orders only; there is no handling or shipping charge on subscriptions.

U.S. Canada International
First item $4.00 $5.00 Add a $4.00 handling charge per order. We will either bill you at cost for shipping via international air mail, or you can provide us with your account number for the carrier of your choice.
Each additional item $1.00 $2.00

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New Subscription - U.S. - $75 (regularly $96)
New Subscription - International - $105 (regularly $126)
Renewal - U.S. - $96
Renewal - International - $126
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Payment Options

Prepayment is required for nonmembers on all orders. If you do not want to send your charge card number to us via the Internet, you may request that we fax-back our credit card form to you. You may also print out this form and fax it to us with your charge card number.

I would like to pay by:
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You can e-mail your form to us by pressing the Submit button, or print it out and fax or mail it to our office.

To send this order form, press
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To send this message via fax or mail, print and send to:
The Design Management Institute
107 South Street, Suite 502
Boston, MA 02111-2811 USA

Telephone: 617.338.6380
Fax: 617.338.6570

This document was last updated January 9, 1997.

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