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Design Management Journal, Vol. 7, No. 3, Summer 1996


Strategic Issues for a Design Support Organization: The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation

By Torsten Dahlin, CEO, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation; Lisbeth Svengren, Ph.D., Head of Research and Education, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation

The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation sees itself as a trade and industry -- rather than cultural -- resource. In this role, as Torsten Dahlin and Lisbeth Svengren explain, it defines a modest but clear and well-focused agenda. First, it reaches out to small and medium-size enterprises with a regional program of counseling and design referrals; it nurtures collaboration among designers and inventors. Second, it facilitates design-related research and curriculum development for schools of business and schools of technology.

Keywords: Industrial Design, Design as Strategic Resource, Design Center, Government Policy, Design Awareness

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This document was last updated January 7, 1997.

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