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Design Management Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter 1996

Identity in a Digital World: The New Dynamics of Corporate Voice

Seven years ago in this issue, Alan Siegel presented the concept of Corporate Voice, and it has since become a standard for articulating identity. Now contributors explore how, in the digital world, voice is increasingly interactive and experiential. They examine the implications of this new reality on managing information, and its impact on marketing, the corporate mark, and retailing. Authors probe identity as it relates to multimedia and Web site design, and they share case studies about IBM, the Wall Street Journal, and Selfridges in London.


Identity Design for a World Hooked on Cyberspace
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Chaos or Chorus
John Waters, President and Creative Director, Waters Design Associates, Inc.

Digital Voice
Alan Siegel, Chairman, Siegel & Gale

"Our Tools Shape Us": Fine-Tuning Brand Perception with the Internet
Billie Harber, President, C3 Inc.; Randall Hensley, CEO/Creative Director, C3 Inc.; Lee Green, Director of Corporate Identity and Design, IBM

Using Information Systems to Build Brand Perception with the Internet
Kevin Coffel, Director of Technology, Yamamoto Moss

Corporate Identity: What's Next
Larry Keeley, Doblin Group; Christopher Wray, Doblin Group; Tomoko Ichikawa, Doblin Group

The Potential, Power, and Challenges of Identity in Digital Communications: A Case Study of Microsoft InfoSource
Dale Carlson, Director of Multimedia and Online Services, TeamDesign

Retail Identity in a Digital World
Anthony Parsons, Principal Lecturer in Retail Design, School of Retail Studies, London College of Printing and Distributive Trades

Corporate Identity and the World Wide Web
Ted Shida, Design Management Consultant; DMI Board Member, Design Management Institute

Selections from a Digital Identity Glossary

Virtual Identity: A Paradigm Shift for the New Corporate Communications Environment
Robert O. Swinehart, Head, Communications Design Program, Carnegie Mellon University

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