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Design Management Journal, Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring 1996
Consultants and Design Management: Looking Beyond the Corporate Walls for Talent and Innovation

Opportunities for design consultants are expanding rapidly. The challenge to outside firms is to build strong, competitive relationships by offering services and technological support that complement and extend client capabilities. Contributors to this issue summarize these trends internationally, including commentary on design consulting in Japan and Germany. They discuss changing expectations regarding the scope of consultant services and compensation. They highlight strategies for communicating effectively. And from the client perspective, they analyze options for using and selecting consultants, as well as for productively managing those partnerships.


Outsourcing Wisdom: Emerging Profiles in Design Consulting
Thomas Walton, Ph.D., Editor; Associate Professor, School of Architecture & Planning, Design Management Journal; Catholic University of America

"Playing Like an Orchestra": Key Success Factors in Corporate-Consultant Projects
Cynthia A. Ingols, Consultant

On the Art of Consulting
Roz Goldfarb, Founder, Roz Goldfarb Associates, Inc. (RGA International)

Consultants in Concert: The Making of Bell's New Corporate Identity
Jean Bouchenoire, Former Director of Identity, Branding, and Design, Bell Canada

Trends in Design Consulting in Japan
Fumikazu Masuda, President, Open House Inc.

Consulting in Germany: Where We Stand
Dieter Kretschmann, Operation Manager, German Design Council

The Design Consultant as a Strategic Resource
Jeffry Corbin, President, Corbin Design

Design at a Distance: The New Hybrids
Hugh Aldersey-Williams, Journalist and Author

Beyond Work-for-Hire: Results-Based Compensation in the Client-Consultant Relationship
Richard J. Cellini, Associate Vice President, Fitch Inc.; William Hull Faust, Associate Vice President, Fitch Inc.

New Directions for Design
Gianfranco Zaccai, Co-Founder and President, Design Continuum; Gerard Badler, Marketing and Strategy Consultant, Design Continuum

Selecting Designers: One Client's Way of Auditing an Entire Industry
Raymond Turner, Group Design Director, BAA plc

Client/Consultancy Relationships: Managing the Creative Process
Hein Becht, Founder and Managing Director, SCAN Communication Management; Fennemiek Gommer, Consultant, SCAN Communication Management

Consultants and Clients: Relationships, Branding, and the New Rules of Engagement
William J. O'Connor, President, Source/Inc.

Client Readiness: Cultivating Clients that Support Good Design
Jack Williamson, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Design Studies, University of Michigan School of Art; William J. Kalmar, Director, Michigan Quality Council; James Tischler, Director, Community Development and Planning, Monroe, Michigan

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