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Design Management Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2, Spring 1995

Innovation: Nurturing Creativity throughout the Organization

The message is straightforward--if managers seek innovation, they must first invest in innovative processes and tools, and second, listen to customers. Since the traditional organization can stifle creativity and risk-taking, several contributors offer strategies for expanding the corporate and individual problem-solving environment. Others stress the need for creative tools--from drawing skills to sophisticated software. One explores innovative production technologies. Finally, executives at Raychem and Motorola provide reminders of the importance of customer voices, and two marketing experts outline methods for gathering and understanding consumer insights.


The Many Dimensions of Design Innovation
Thomas Walton, Design Management Journal

A Visual Essay on Invention and Innovation
Rolf Faste, Associate Professor and Director, Stanford University Product Design Program

Three Legs of the Stool: An Interview with Robert J. Saldich, President and CEO, Raychem Corporation
Cynthia A. Ingols, Consultant

Innovations in Corporate Sponsorship of Design Education
Ted Shida, Design Management Consult, Board Member, Design Management Institute

Design's Link to Technology
Rudy Krolopp, Director of Industrial Design & Chairman, Motorola Corporate Graphic Standards

Materializing Culture
Gary Waymire, Director of Product Analysis, GVO, Inc.; Michael Barry, Vice President for Product Analysis, GVO, Inc.; Robert C. Hall, Vice President for Business Development, GVO, Inc.

The Artist's Rendering and Other Lost Opportunities
William J. Hannon, Principal, Keohan + Hannon Associates

Making Sense out of Manufacturing Innovations
Paul M. Swamidass, Associate Director, Thomas Walter Center for Technology Management

Exploring the Future in the Present
Christopher Ireland, President, ImageNet; Bonnie Johnson, Researcher, Interval Research

Drafting Tissue? No, Vellum--Facilitating Innovative Design
Jack Hendren, President and CEO, Ashlar

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This document was last updated January 7, 1997.