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Design Management Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1, Winter 1994

Managing Organizational Perceptions: Identity as a Bridge between Products and Public Image

Identity is much more than the design of logos, letterheads, and the profile of a corporate headquarters. It is a strategy--a plan for exploiting images as a bridge to the reality of products and services. This issue explores a multidimensional understanding of identity. There are discussions of the factors shaping the general perception of a company, and an analysis of the elements that affect the design and perception of individual products. A spectrum of cases also highlights important links among organizational identity and product, communications, and architectural design.


The Many Dimensions of Perception as a Corporate Strategy
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Making Sense of Making Sense: Frameworks and Organizational Perception
Rick E. Robinson, Director of Research, Doblin Group

When Worlds Collide: Managing Perceptions After the Acquisition
Maurice C. Sardi, Founding Executive, The Knoll Group

Creating Places: Architecture as a Means to an Organization's Goals
John Currie, Senior Vice President, Director Healthcare Practice, Ellerbe Becket; Peter Pran, Senior Vice President, Design Principal, Ellerbe Becket; Ron Turner, Senior Vice President, Managing Director KC Office, Ellerbe Becket

The Development of Psychological Indexes for Product Design and the Concepts for Product Phases
Ding-Bang Luh, Instructor of Industrial Design, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

Clarifying the Corporate Voice: The Imperative of the '90s
Alan Siegel, Chairman and Founder, Siegel & Gale

Designing for the Decision Point
James G. Hansen, Chairman, Source/Inc.

The Product Interface: Crossroads of Communication
Sally Beardsley, Graphic Designer, Teacher, Kolding Coll. of Arts, Crafts, and Design

Integrating Design Throughout the Organization: The First Beacon Awards
Patrick Whitney, Professor and Director, Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design; Barry Shimelfarb, Associate, Doblin Group

Slovenia's Money--A Message to the World
Mili Tomanic, Architect, Comunitas; Linda Hartman, Associate Editor, Design Management Journal

Building Totems: Metaphor-Making in Product Development
Angela Dumas, Director, London Business School Center for Design Management

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