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Design Management Journal, Vol. 5, No. 4, Fall 1994

Cross-Functional Design: Corporate Reality v. the Classroom Experience

In many innovative companies, cross-functional design is critical to enhancing competitiveness. This issue chronicles programs at Philips and Bell Northern Research. Both nurture a broad spectrum of talent and ideas that have directly supported the development of a generation of promising new products. This reality challenges academic institutions to stop segregating disciplines. Contributors present classroom proposals creatively integrating design with other business activities, but these are just first steps toward what must become university-wide strategies to prepare executives and designers for the dynamic world of corporate management.


The Search for Innovation in Design Management Education
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Putting a Hard Edge on Soft Values: The Higher Order of Cross-Functional Multidisciplinary Teams
Deanne Beckwith, R&D Consultant, Herman Miller Inc. and Milcare Inc.

Paradoxical Leadership: A Journey with John Tyson
Artemis March, Management Consultant; Fellow, Design Management Institute

The Value of Practice-Oriented Design Education: Art Center College of Design
Imre J. Molnar, Visiting Faculty, Art Center College of Design (Europe)

A Role-Based Approach to Design-Management Education
Jack Williamson, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Design Studies, University of Michigan School of Art

Teaching Business Processes at NCSU
Cecil Bozarth, Assistant Professor, Operations Management, NC State University College of Management

Design in the Learning Organization: Educating for the New Culture of Product Development
Richard Buchanan, Professor and Head, Department of Design, Carnegie Mellon University Department of Design; Craig M. Vogel, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Department of Design

Design and Management Education: Collaboration between Practice and Academia
Richard S. Blackburn, Associate Professor of Management, UNC at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business; David Chapin, Principal, Forma

Perspectives on Cross-Functional Design-Management Education
Margaret Bruce, Senior Lecturer in Mktg. & Design Management, Manchester School of Management, UMIST, UK; Rachel Davies-Cooper, Research Fellow, University College Salford, UK

Interdependence, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution: Design's Relationships with R&D, Marketing, and Manufacturing
Eric M. Olson, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Strategy, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Externalized Design: Making New Voices Heard in the Classroom
Barry D. Yatt, Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America, Arch & Planning

Marketing, Design, and Education: Cross-Functional Integration and Design Communication
Gerald E. Smith, Faculty, Boston College Carroll School of Management; Duane Loose, Adjunct Faculty, Rhode Island School of Design

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