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Design Management Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1993

Design Management and Technology: The Impact on Design Process and Design Content

As a management challenge, technology is a facet of both the process and the content of design. As part of the process, the contributors in this volume address such issues as 3D software and modeling trends, criteria for selecting high-tech design tools, and the successful integration of those tools into the development cycle. As part of the content, authors share insights on what it takes to create winning high-tech products, and the role of design in shaping and adding meaning to those products. Comments and some fascinating speculation on the nature of high-tech environments round out the discussion.


Creative Intersections: Where Design and Technology Meet
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

A Critical Role for Design Technology
Charles L. Owen, Professor of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design

Strategies for Design Significance at Non-Consumer Product Companies
James Shook, Manager, Industrial Design Human Factors Center, Tandem Computers, Inc.

Switching the Buyer to Buying Mode: How New Technology Is Revolutionizing Product Design
John T. Houlihan, Director of Industrial Design, Timex Corporation

Where Meanings Escape Functions
Klaus Krippendorff, Professor, University of PA Annenberg School of Commun.; Reinhart Butter, Professor of Industrial Design, The Ohio State University

Technology and the Contemporary Design Firm: Reflections on Time, Space, Tools, and the Mind's Best Work
Duncan B. Sutherland, Jr., Founder, Wang Labs, Inc. Advanced Systems Lab

Intelligent Design
Robin Baker, Director of Visual Computing, Royal College of Art, London

Bridging the Gaps: 3D CAD Tools Keep Design and Information Flowing
Jack Harkins, Founding Partner, Roche Harkins

Getting the Right Products to Market: A Study of Product Definition in the Electronics Industry
Sara L. Beckman, Co-Director, Management of Technology Program, University of CA Berkeley, Haas School of Business; David Mowery, Associate Professor of Business & Public Policy, University of CA Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Architecture and Technology
Wilbur "Tib" Tusler, Senior Vice President, Stone Marraccini & Patterson; Jenifer Altenhoff, Vice President & Director of Marketing, Stone Marraccini & Patterson

CAID Evaluation, Purchase, and Implementation Primer
Bradley S. Kell, Consultant, PREVISION

Technology in Graphic Design: A Survey of the Changing Tasks and Environment of Graphic Designers
Lorraine Justice, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, Ohio State University, Department of Industrial Design

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