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Design Management Journal, Vol. 4, No. 4, Fall 1993

Managing Design Concepts: Strategies for Defining and Nurturing Creative Ideas

Everybody knows creative concepts are essential to success. Fewer managers, however, know how to make this kind of creativity part of the ongoing life of a company. That is the challenge addressed here. Authors distill elements and methods that contribute to identifying and refining strong concepts. They analyze the organizational structures and leadership that support creativity. Several explore the link between customers and new-product ideas. Others comment on special concept-development topics such as technology, regulation, environmental concerns, and the need for better U.S. laws to protect innovative product designs.


Designing Concepts: Blending Creative Freedom and Hard Facts
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

The Soup, the Bowl, and the Place at the Table
David Walker, Architect, Founding Member, Design Innovation Group

Concept Development Strategies
Michael Livolsi, Vice President & Creative Director, Source/inc.

Cross-Functional Teams in Design: A Case Study of the Thermos Thermal Electric Grill
William Faust, Vice President & Business Manager, Fitch, Inc.

Information Asset Map and Cumulative Concept Translation in Product Development
Takahiro Fujimoto, Associate Professor, Business Administration, University of Tokyo

Concept Development for High-Technology and Medical Products
Brian L. Vogel, Senior Vice President, Product Genesis

Ecologically Affirmative Concept Formation: A Deeper Shade of Green
John Paul Kusz, Manager of Product Development, Safety-Kleen Corporation

Maximizing Designers' Impact on Market Success through Product Definition
Edith Wilson, Director, Corp. Product Definition Program, Hewlett-Packard

The Megateam Design Process: Adding a New Dimension to Concurrent Development
Deanne Beckwith, Research & Design Consultant, MilCare Inc, and Herman Miller Inc.; David Harris, R&D Program Manager, MilCare Inc.

Concept Engineering: A Complete Product-Concept Decision-Support Process
Gary Burchill, Director, Planning & Operatiions Analysis, Navy Ships Parts Control Center

Innovate or Suffocate
Alex J. DeDominicis, President, Imagine That Associates

US Policy's Effect on the Economic Value of Design
Cooper C. Woodring, President, Better Mousetraps, Inc.

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