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Design Management Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, Summer 1992

Design Management Education: Perspectives on Teaching and Research

The discipline of design management is in its formative stages, a dynamic era when the precise nature of this organizational resource is being sorted out. In any such process, it is wise to take "snapshots"--images that help us understand the past and the future. This volume is intended to be one of these snapshots, a contribution to articulating the identity of design management. Authors discuss history and strategies for teaching, share their research, and outline challenges the discipline of design management must confront in the years ahead.


The Once and Future World of Design Management Education
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Parallel Lives
Louis van Praag, Head, Design Resource, UK

Art Center Alumni on Design Management Education
David R. Brown, President, Art Center College of Design

Design Management Education: A Personal Retrospective
Peter Gorb, Visiting Associate Professor, London Business School

A Survey of Design Education in Business Schools
Richard S. Blackburn, Associate Professor of Management, UNC at Chapel Hill School of Business

Educating Graphic Designers in Management
Meredith Davis, Professor & Head of Graphic Design, NC State University School of Design

Teaching Design Management through a Field Project Experience
Gary M. Cadenhead, Senior Lecturer, Management & Accounting, University of Texas at Austin

Integrated Design for Manufacturing and Marketability
William S. Lovejoy, Associate Professor of Operations Management, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Educating Product Development Leaders
Karl T. Ulrich, Associate Professor, MIT, Sloan School of Management; Steven D. Eppinger, Assistant Professor of Management Science, MIT, Sloan School of Management

MBAs Meet Industrial Design: Integrating Design with Technology and Operations Management
Oscar Hauptman, Associate Professor, Carleton University School of Business

The World According to Cases: Using Cases to Teach Design Management at Lund University
Lisbeth Svengren, Lecturer, Lund University Department of Business Administration, Sweden

The Fly on the Ceiling
Steve Diskin, Architect and Partner, Office of Erik Lerner and Steve Diskin

Facilitating Integration Between Design and Manufacturing
Gerald I. Susman, Professor of Management, Pennsylvania State University; James W. Dean, Jr., Associate Professor of Management, University of Cincinnati Coll. of Business Administration ; Cathy A. Rusinko, Assistant Professor of Management, Villanova University

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