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Design Management Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, Spring 1992

Centralized/Decentralized Design Management: Dispersing the Management of Design throughout the Organization

As a strategy for becoming more responsive and competitive, the pressure is on to decentralize. Executives are flattening hierarchies, sharing decision-making, and using semi-autonomous teams to compress the product-development cycle. This volume evaluates the impact of these trends on design management. What are innovative organizational options and what fundamentals should never change? Answers are presented in theory and in the analyses of experiences at Sony, Digital Equipment Corporation, Corning, and other companies. Completing the discussion, contributors consider the implications for marketing and take a brief look at technology.


Alternatives in Managing an Organization's Design Resources
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Learning to Thrive on Change: Decentralized Management, Concurrent Engineering Design Teams, Total Quality Management, and Beyond
H. Barry Bebb, Consultant, Barry Bebb & Associates

An Interview with James R. Houghton, CEO of Corning Incorporated
Earl N. Powell, Director, Design Management Institute

Industrial Design: The Leading Edge of Product Development for World Markets
Susan Walsh Sanderson, Associate Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Vic Uzumeri, Assistant Professor, Auburn University Department of Management

Key Aspects of Comprehensive Design Programs
Robert L. Ivers, Design Management Consultant, Corning, Inc.

Decentralized Design Management in Perspective: Where the Trends are Leading Us
Terence Westmacott, President, InForm. Inc.

Network Management: Social Structure for High-Speed Industrial Performance
William R. Daniels, Co-owner & Senior Consultant, American Consulting & Training

Simplicity and Consistency: Coordination of a Global Advertising Campaign
Margaret Bruce, Lecturer in Marketing & Design Management, Manchester School of Management, UMIST; Peter L. Phillips, Director of Corporate Identity, Digital Equipment Corporation

Micro-Design for Micro-Needs: Decentralized Service Design in the Telecommunications Industry
Joseph M. Kayal, Principal, Joseph M. Kayal Associates

Gaining Your Unfair Share of Attention: Decentralizing the Concept of Brand
Larry Keeley, President, Doblin Group

CAID: A Tool for the Flexible Organization
Kitty Cardaci, Product Marketing Manager, Alias Research Inc.

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This document was last updated January 7, 1997.