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Design Management Journal, Vol. 3, No. 4, Fall 1992

Design Management Research: Distilling Models to Inform Decision Making

Research is a bridge between the details of particular situations and broader principles that shape a discipline as a whole. In the realm of design management, this volume crosses the research threshold inductively, moving from the specific to the general. The aspiration is to start translating a rich body of lore into models managers can use to guide decisions. For those concerned with technique, a first group of articles addresses design management research methodologies; for practitioners, a second group offers current thinking on several key design management topics.


Exploring the In-Between: Comments on the Nature of Design Management Research
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Design Management Research--Synthesis Squared
John Langrish, Dean, Institute of Advanced Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

A Research Agenda from the Design Manager's Perspective
Linda Keefe, Manager, Corporate Identity & Design, 3M Corporation; Ted Shida, Consultant, former Design Principal, Xerox Corporation; Gary van Deursen, Director, New Product Concepts, Black & Decker Household Products

Design Education and Research: A Theoretical Model for the Future
Brigitte Borja de Mozota, Professor, Université René Descartes

Through the Back Door: The Strategic Power of Case Studies in Design Management Research and Education
Karen Freeze, Director of Research, Design Management Institute

Studying Sensitive Issues: Using a Sample Survey in Design Management Research
Stephen Potter, Research Fellow in Design, Open University, UK, Design Innovation Group

A New Perspective on Design: Focusing on Customer Experience
Darrel K. Rhea, President, Cheskin+Masten

Converging Perspectives: Product Development Research for the1990s
Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders, Associate Vice President, Fitch RichardsonSmith

Outside the Guidelines: Behavioral Influences on Design Implementation
Robin Aslin, Researcher, University of Manchester Business School, UK

Design Benchmarks
Maryann Finiw, MBA Student, DMI Research Associate, Harvard Business School

Creativity and Design: Partners in Excellence
Tudor Rickards, Senior Lecturer in Creativity, Manchester Business School, UK

Product Innovation: Sweeping Away the Obstacles
Ranganath Nayak, Senior Vice President, Arthur D. Little, Inc.

One Story of New Product Development: What Can We Learn?
Cynthia Ingols, Director, Corporate Classrooms

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