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Design Management Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, Winter 1991

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is about good communication, about building lasting relationships with stakeholders--employees, suppliers, and customers. In this arena, design management has a significant role. Products, packaging, a logo, promotional brochures, reports, facilities, and myriad other designed items all deliver messages about a company. The challenge is to be certain those messages are relevant, persuasive, and mutually reinforcing, strengthening an organization's reputation. How to create and manage this critical design asset is the theme explored in the pages of this issue.


The Delicate Business of Designing and Managing Perceptions
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Designing and Building a Corporate Reputation
Thomas J. Kosnik, Faculty Member, Stanford Graduate School of Business

An Interview with Frank Stanton
Alan Siegel, Chairman, Siegel & Gale

The Rockwater Story
Susan Lee, Consultant, Lloyd Northover

Imaging, Computing and Designing Minds
Klaus Krippendorff, Professor of Communications, Annenberg School of Communications

Corporate Language: Creating a Verbal Identity
Ken Morris, President, Siegel & Gale

Corporate Identity and the Behavioral Dimension
Wally Olins, Chairman and Founder, Wolff Olins

Diagnosing Corporate Identities
Tony Spaeth, Director, IDENTITY

Managing Corporate Identity
Paul Argenti, Professor, Amos Tuck School of Management, Dartmouth

Success in Retailing Identities
Rodney Fitch, Chairman and Founder, Fitch RichardsonSmith

Small and Better: The Consumer-driven Advantage in Japanese Product Design
Hirotaka Takeuchi, Professor, Hitotsubashi University School of Commerce

Using Interior Design to Sharpen Your Corporate Identity
Michael Bourque, Director, Space Planning & Interior Design, Earl R. Flansburgh + Associates, Inc.

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This document was last updated January 7, 1997.