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Design Management Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, Summer 1991

Design Innovation: Managing Creativity from Ideas to Reality

Innovation is hard work! While it is often attributed to individuals and inspired discoveries, the reality is quiet different. Certainly, the people are critical assets. But today, given the complexities of the marketplace and the interdisciplinary requirements of products and services, most innovations emerge from teams rather from exalted soloists. Such groups need an environment that nurtures talents; they need the understanding and the tools to communicate across professional boundaries; and they need leadership and a strategy to integrate the skills and ideas that generate success. These are the themes discussed in this volume, which explores the demanding quest for innovation.


The Hard Work of Innovation
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Creativity and Control: Innovation in the Organizational Context
James L. Adams, Professor, Stanford University

Creativity Behind the Scenes: Personal Insights on Innovation in the Software Industry
Thomas Kosnik, Faculty Member, Stanford University

Design Innovation: A Case for the Creative Nexus Between People and Technology
Thomas Walton, Associate Professor, Catholic University of America, Department of Architecture

Managing the Form, Function, and Fit of Design
Angela Dumas, Associate Professor, London Business School; Henry Mintzberg, Bronfman Professor, McGill University

An American Challenge: Successfully Designing and Managing Technology Innovation
Arlen R. Lessin, Chairman and CEO, Lessin Technology Group, Inc.

Design Innovation and the Team
R. Meredith Belbin, Director, Belbin Associates, Ltd.

Breaking the Chains of Embedded Knowledge: Architectural Innovation as a Source of Competitive Advantage
Rebecca M. Henderson, Assistant Professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Innovations Are All the Things You Never Heard of When You Were a Kid, But Cannot Live Without
RitaSue Siegel, Chairman, RitaSue Siegel Associates

Marketing's Contribution to Innovation: The Concept of Market In Design
Thomas P. Hustad, Professor, Indiana University School of Business

Inanimate Integrators: A Block of Wood Speaks
Dorothy Leonard-Barton, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

Design Innovation: Renewing the Troubled Building Industry
Thomas Vonier, Architect and Consultant

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