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Design Management Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1991

Design Teams

The pressure is on and exploiting teams as a design management strategy is a valuable technique for reducing time to market, stimulating innovation, and enhancing quality. Success is clearly dependent on involving the right players. It also requires a balance among structure and flexibility, focus and freedom, leadership and mutual respect. Insights on this important design methodology come from examples of such companies as British Rail, Crown Corporation, IBM, and Texas Instruments, and from experts who highlight the crucial principles for putting together an effective team program.


The Hallmarks of Successful Design Teams
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

Design Teams: Breakthroughs for Effectiveness
Gerald Nadler, Professor and Chairman, USC Department of Industrial & Systems Engineer

Decades of Design Success: The Team at Crown Equipment Corporation
David Smith, Founder, Fitch RichardsonSmith

Design Teams on the Rails
Stephen Potter, Research Fellow in Design, Open University, UK; Vivien Walsh, Lecturer, Manchester School of Management, UK

Product Integrity and the Role of "Designer-as-Integrator"
Takahiro Fujimoto, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo

Taking the D-Team Out of the Minor Leagues
Larry Keeley, President, Doblin Group

Strategic and Tactical Benefits of Simultaneous Engineering
Philip Barkan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

How to Make the Client/Consultant Relationship More Like a Basketball Game than a Relay Race
Gianfranco Zaccai, Co-founder and Director of Design, Design Continuum Inc.

Some Teams Work Better than Others
Artemis March, Management Consultant, Fellow, Design Management Institute

Team Building and Quality Buildings
Andrew C. Lemer, Director, Building Research Board, National Research Council

Teaming Strategic Marketing with Design
Tracey Rice, Group Product Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments Educational Products Grp

Achieving Influence When You Can't Give Orders
Allan R. Cohen, Professor of Management, Babson College

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