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Design Management Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1989

Design Management Strategies

Design is a resource that must be creatively managed to enhance organizational performance. It receives special attention today not because it is the latest gimmick but because it is competitively essential, providing continuity and focus as corporations grow, while offering the critical flexibility they require as they respond to changing needs.


Design Management Strategies
Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal

The Design Challenge
Tom Peters, Founder, The Tom Peters Group

Design at Raychem
Paul Cook, Chairman and Founder, Raychem

Kohler's Approach
Herbert Kohler, Jr., Chairman, Kohler Company

The Strategy at Mount Carmel Health
Angela Emrick, Executive Director, Mount Carmel Health; Tim Cook, Service Design Strategist, Mount Carmel Health

Design Management and Cultural Change
Earl Powell, Director, Design Management Institute

Design Positioning for Strategic Advantage
Arvind Phatak, Professor & Chairperson, Temple University; Rajan Chandron, Temple University

The Education Challenge
Robert Krapfel, Associate Professor, College Business & Management, University of Maryland

Managing Design Designing Management
Angela Dumas, London Business School; Henry Mintzberg, Professor, Faculty of Management, McGill University

Nurturing the Design Process
Walter Kraus, Former Director of Design, IBM

Reducing the Time to Market: The Case of the World Auto Industry
Kim Clark, Professor, Harvard Business School; Takahiro Fujimoto, DBA, Harvard Business School

Beyond Design: Developing a Distinctive Corporate Voice
Alan Siegel, Chairman, Siegel & Gale

Facilities: A Key to Effective Design Management
Min Kantrowitz, President, Min Kantrowitz and Associates, Inc.

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This document was last updated January 7, 1997.