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Digital Equipment Corporation: The VT320 Video Text Terminal Executive Summary Case Study

By Roxanne Guilhamet, Research Fellow, Design Management Institute;
Karen J. Freeze, Senior Research Fellow, Design Management Institute

Digital faced the urgent task of regaining market share from low-cost competitors in text-processing terminals that interfaced with its networked computer systems. The challenge was to produce a product with greater functionality, that was small and elegant, and that could be sold at a retail price of half its predecessor. The CEO mandated a top-priority project that would involve cross-functional teams, with Industrial Design serving as a mediator. Issues include using design to differentiate the product; balancing cost, quality, and image; reconciling conflicts between European and North American specifications; and managing unexpected problems in manufacturing.

Keywords: Case Study or Method, Computers/Software, Cross-Functional Management, Marketing Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, Interdisciplinary Prod. Develop., Design as Strategic Resource

See also the full case study: Digital Equipment Corp.: The VT320 Video Text Terminal

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This document was last updated December 2, 1996.

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