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CKD: The Selex C4000 Pneumatic FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) Executive Summary Case Study

By Roxanne, Research Fellow, Design Management Institute;
Karen J. Freeze, Senior Research Fellow, Design Management Institute

Examines how a Japanese manufacturer of valves and pneumatic system components faces the challenge of entering the market with a proprietary product. The goal was to differentiate a common industrial product in a market unaccustomed to drastic change. CKD worked with a design consultant and focused on factors such as modularity, ease of installation and maintenance, and product image. Issues include using design to differentiate products for competitive positioning, to enhance a product's image of quality and durability, and to change a company's image.

Keywords: Case Study or Method, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, Product/Service Positioning, Manufacturing Strategy, New Market Entry, Consultants & Design Management, Design as Strategic Resource

ORDER This Executive Summary Case Study is available from Harvard Business School Publishing for $2.35 Academic/$5.00 Corporate. The order number is: 9-996-025.

This document was last updated December 2, 1996.

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