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Canon: The EOS 35mm Camera Executive Summary Case Study

By Roxanne Guilhamet, Research Fellow, Design Management Institute;
Karen J. Freeze, Senior Research Fellow, Design Management Institute

Examines the product-development process at Canon, Inc. as a new autofocus camera is designed and brought to market. In 1985, Minolta shook the camera industry by introducing the world's first autofocus SLR camera, and quickly overtook Canon in market share. Canon needed to respond with a strong product developed within extreme time constraints. The Camera Operations Division was confronted with many design issues, including whether to develop a ground-breaking proprietary design, how to integrate superior ergonomics, and how to best position the product.

Keywords: Case Study or Method, Product Development, Product/Service Positioning, Ergonomics, Consumer Products, Product Design, Project Management

ORDER This Executive Summary Case Study is available from Harvard Business School Publishing for the price of $2.35 Academic/$5.00 Corporate. The order number is: 9-996-024.

This document was last updated December 2, 1996.

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