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About DMI Case Studies

Distributed by Harvard Business School Publishing

These Design Management Institute case studies are distributed and sold by Harvard Business School Publishing. They are unique in their examination of the roles that design and design management play in business success -- a key strategy for competitive success in today's global markets. Harvard Business School, MIT, and London Business School are just a few of the institutions around the world that have added many of these cases to their graduate, undergraduate, and executive courses. In addition, many companies use them for in-house seminars and training programs.

Epilogues for many of these cases tell readers what outcome resulted from the issues and problems posed in the main case. Teaching notes highlight key points and guide the instructor through the case, suggesting topics for discussion. Whether you are teaching a course, training staff members, or giving a seminar, these case studies will be a useful addition to your curriculum.

The Executive Summary Cases are drawn from the landmark Triad Exhibition, which traveled to seven countries during its three-year life span, and received numerous awards. They are brief, to-the-point studies that are designed for the busy executive looking for important concepts and essential events, rather than the extensive detail found in our full teaching cases. Each case is four pages long.

All these cases are solely distributed by Harvard Business School Publishing. Be sure all case study orders and correspondence are addressed accordingly. In addition, Harvard Business School maintains its own Web site which has a searchable index to all their publications.

This document was last updated November 27, 1996.

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