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8th International Corporate Identity Conference

"Corporate Identity/Brand Re-Imaging: A Strategic Advantage"

June 26-29, 1996, Montréal, Canada

The Delta Hotel

Corporate Identity has evolved to a point where "the brand is the thing" (Fortune magazine). The business environment is facing transformation, re-engineering, culture change.

Corporate Identity is part of the solution. Corporate identities become solutions to business challenges and gateways to opportunity. "Re-imaging, re-thinking, re-energizing" a corporate identity can give a corporation a new lease on life, a new visual link to the public. One of the principal themes of the 7th International Corporate Identity Conference is precisely how Corporate Identity can contribute to increasing market share, profits, and the bottom line.

Attendees will hear professionals talk about their experiences, problems and solutions in relation to such issues as: brand identity, brand value, brand equity, brand advantage, brand awareness, brand recognition, brand personality, and brand positioning. The conference is designed to provide both strategic and tactical theories, models and applications related to these multifaceted issues. There will be a mix of formal lectures, case studies, presentations, and focused discussions. The conference will provide a new understanding of the strategies that work to meet the business challenge of increasing brand value while remaining competitive.

DMI has assembled a unique mix of accomplished professionals from both the corporate and the consultancy side of corporate brand and identity management.

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