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Design Management in the Digital Environment

Keynote Sessions:

Design Challenges: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
Earl Joseph, Futurist/Professor, Walden University

The Role of Design in Clarifying the Benefits of Information Technology for First-Time Users
James Woudhuysen, Manager, Worldwide Market Intelligence, Philips Sound & Vision, The Netherlands

Building MEDSCAPE: An Award Winning Digital Publications Center on the Internet
Peter Frishauf, President & CEO, SCP Communications

Digital Management of IBM's Sales Promotion Literature
Lee Green, Director, IBM Corporate Identity & Design; Randy Golden, Program Manager, IBM Corporate Identity & Design; and Connie Birdsall, Principal, Lippincott & Margulies

Where the Web is Going: Trends in Designing for Steadily More User Interaction
Jakob Nielsen, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems

Cybersmith: The New Digital Environment
Jeff Pacione, VP Fitch Boston; and Jed Smith, Cofounder and Senior Vice President, Cybersmith

Entering the Interactive Marketplace: Taking Advantage of Existing Strengths
Adam Spindell, Interactive Writer/Producer, Rhythm & Hues Studios


Special Presentation: A Look Behind the Scenes at the Weisman Art Museum Designed by Frank O. Gehry
Lyndel King, Executive Director, Weisman Art Museum

Integrating Disparate Media with Digital Technology
Rob Dewey, Manager, Creative Services, Minnesota Public Radio

Corporate Identity in a Wired World
Michael Ainscow, Advertising Manager, Computer Systems Organization, Hewlett-Packard

Retailing Beyond Store Walls: Managing Virtual & Actual Reality
Dave Rubini, Manager, Interactive Design, NCR Human Interface Technology

The Role of Design in Corporate Knowledge Management
Wes Ervin, Managing Director, Information Design Associates

CyberClay: Blending CAD & Creativity via Laser Digitizing
Michael Tennity, Director, Design Resource Center, Kodak

The Remaking of an Icon: The Betty Crocker Portrait
Professor Akshay Rao, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; Cindy Guettler, Brand Equity, General Mills

IntraNet: The Big Web Opportunity for Design Managers
Davis Masten, CEO, Cheskin+Masten

Digital Tools and the Progresso Brand Packaging System
Chuck Smerick, Packaging Director, Pillsbury; Owen W. Coleman, President CEO, The Coleman Group

Humanizing Interaction on the Net
Arnold Campbell, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Nortel

RCA. Changing Entertainment. Again.
Rob Logan, Ph.D., Director of Human Factors, RCA

This document was last updated July 1, 1996.

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