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Design Management in the Digital Environment: New Challenges for Products, Brands, and Identities

June 5-8, 1996 -- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Each month, approximately one million more people log onto the Internet.

  • Although the CD-ROM is currently the most common platform for interactive media, already there are predictions it will soon be eclipsed by online interactivity.

  • Reusing digital content in different media simultaneously -- print, World Wide Web, CD-ROM, and video -- has become the wave of the future and poses a new challenge to the design manager.

  • The dizzying growth of the World Wide Web has added an entirely new communications medium with a new set of design requirements and constraints.

  • Emerging technologies such as Java hold the promise of radical and unpredictable changes in digital communications over the next few years.

These are just a few of the explosive developments we are all dealing with. Even as we work to understand and adapt to these new paradigms, some of us still cling to old design management methods. Now that computer-based development tools are maturing, and digital communication has reached critical mass, we need to re-examine the management and role of design.

What will the digital future hold for design? What methods are available for understanding new design and customer issues? How will design management cope with rapid concept development, rapid customer changes, and shrinking product life cycles? What new skills and knowledge do design managers need to acquire as digital media become evermore pervasive? How does the digital environment affect brand equity? Or corporate identity?

These questions and many more will be addressed by an excellent roster of speakers, and in the dynamic dialogues that will take place in both the formal and informal sessions.

To ensure a spot at this limited-enrollment conference, make sure that you register now!

This document was last updated July 1, 1996.

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