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The 21st International Design Management Conference

Design Management Dialogues Discussion Sessions

This new conference program will feature a series of moderated discussion sessions with selected members of the DMI Boards of Advisors and Directors. This series will enhance the close interaction that has always been a hallmark of the DMI annual conference. Moderators will be drawn from the following list:

Timothy A. Bachman, President, Bachman Design Group
Jean Bouchenoire, Director of Brand Equity, Digital Equipment Corporation
Bonnie Briggs, Corporate Identity and Communications Manager, Caterpillar Inc.
Lee D. Green, Director of Corporate Identity and Design, IBM
Sally Gutman, Executive Director of Corporate Graphics, Universal Studios
Jeannette Hanna, Principal, Spencer Francey Peters
William J. Hannon, Professor, Massachusetts College of Art
James Hansen, Chairman/CEO, Source Inc.
Jack Harkins, Principal, Roche Harkins, Inc.
David Jenkins, Director, Seating, Steelcase Inc.
Bonnie Johnson, Research Staff, Interval Research Corp.
Linda Keefe, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Design, Yamamoto Moss
Anne M. McCuen-Bouchenoire, Consultant
Tony Parisi, Vice President of Creative Services, Tambrands Inc.
Michael Penrod, Director, Corporate Design, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Peter L. Phillips, Corporate Identity Consultant
Dennis Siden, Consultant
Gary Van Deursen, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, The Coleman Co. Inc.
Sandor Weisz, Director of Industrial Design, Dictaphone Corporation
Harold Wood, Manager of Mobility and Connectivity, Texas Instruments

This document was last updated August 1, 1996.

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