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8th International Forum on Design Management Research & Education

Proposal Submission Form

This form should accompany your paper or abstract at the time of submission. Please type and include all information as requested to facilitate our consideration of your proposal.

First Name

Last Name




Street Address








Submission Title

Audiovisual requirements:

Please fill out this form, print it out and mail it to our office, with your submission packet.

Please include the following items in your submission packet:

  • Four copies of your paper must be sent with the completed proposal submission form by September 2, 1996.
  • Submissions should be double-spaced on A4 or 8.5" by 11" paper, with one-inch margins on all sides. For papers selected for publication, diskettes will be required. We can accept 3.5" Mac or PC diskettes in either Microsoft Word, ASCII text, or Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Faxed manuscripts will not be accepted.
  • Resume of presenter (not to exceed three pages).
  • List of other presenters: provide a complete list of other presenters who will be presenting the paper with you. Include full name, address and telephone numbers for each.

Send to:

Forum Proposal Committee
The Design Management Institute
107 South Street, Suite 502
Boston, MA 02111-2811 USA
Voice: 617.338.6380
Fax: 617.338.6570

This document was last updated August 1, 1996.

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