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Building Global Partnership by Design:
Enhancing Corporate Mission with Design Vision

March 10 - 12, 1997, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Design managers should all mark their calendars for a major new international conference to take place March 10-12 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For a company to thrive in the complexity and change of today's global business environment demands a broad, holistic approach. Partnerships and alliances have become essential to survival, yet they often result in loss of focus. Strategically managing all of the visible elements of a corporation -- from logos to products, from service behaviors to environments, and from printed material to telecommunications media -- is vital, since all of these shape the reputation of the organization. This conference will explore these themes as they relate to design's new strategic role.

Co-chairs for the conference include: Lee Green (Director of Corporate Identity and Design, IBM); Ies Hoogland (Corporate Identity Design Manager, KLM); Fennemeik Gommer (Consultant, SCAN Identity and Design Management); Peter Phillips (Corporate Identity and Design Consultant); and Raymond Turner (Group Design Director, BAA plc).

One important facet of the conference will be presentations by design executives from the Top Ten selected from the annual CeBIT iF program, which presents awards in four design disciplines. These speakers will discuss how they developed their award-winning designs. Other speakers from around the world will address issues of design strategy, design management, design and marketing, interface design management, and environmental issues for the design manager.

The conference is scheduled to take place just before CeBIT. This will be an annual international conference for senior corporate trustees, directors, and design executives who shape the organization's strategic direction.

More information about this exciting new conference will be posted to this site as it becomes available.

Bookmark this page, and check here again in a few weeks for the latest information about this new conference!

This document was last updated December 2, 1996.

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